Intermedia Art

Intermedia Art operates within a Fine Art context and is the area of artistic practice that lies between different media. During the late 20th century, developments within visual art introduced new processes and situations, which resulted in an expanded concept of artistic practice. For example, the legacies of installation, ambient/site-specific work, video, sound, performance, immersive artworks and conceptual art resulted in a new context for artistic practice that is no longer based upon individual mediums and the primacy of vision but is rather the product of crossing boundaries between media. Students and staff often create new methods of working through blurring these distinct practices.

Intermedia Art emphasises a sensorial approach to art experience. An identifying quality of our degree is its engagement with visual production beyond the ‘white cube’ gallery context and its interrogation of the origins and site of artistic production. Artists in the 21st century operate in a transitory world and Intermedia Art is concerned with finding a logic for this practice.

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2012 / 2011
2010 / 2009

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